Fiction and Nonfiction

Surefire Ways to Disappoint Your Mother (A Chronological Guide) – Humor – Chicago Literati
It’s No Use Crying Over Frozen Yogurt: On Eating and Wanting
 – Essay – Chicago Literati
How to be a writer in the year 2014 – Satire – Chicago Literati
Banishing cynicism: on Margaret Atwood’s contribution to the Future Library – Essay/News – Chicago Literati
Target Job Application Questionnaire – Fiction/Satire – Chicago Literati
Elliot Rodger and the rise of hate groups online – Essay/News – Chicago Literati
My life was nothing like the movie Fame, and other disappointing facts about me – Essay – Chicago Literati
How to Survive Chicago’s Lit Scene as a (Recovering) Alcoholic – Essay – Chicago Literati

Writing Like Famous Authors – Column – Chicago Literati
Susan Sontag
Jack Kerouac
Maya Angelou
Haruki Murakami
Alice Munro
Zadie Smith

New Construction – Fiction – Chicago Literati

Noticed – Essay – Originally published in Broad!, later in Hair Trigger no. 36

Sex Ed in Ohio Public Schools – Essay – Hair Trigger – Won Silver Crown Award in CSPA Humor Category, 2013


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